Ricky Gervais – And That’s The Point About Beliefs

Facts are an important part of decision-making. They are more reliable than basing decisions on opinions. For example, it is a fact that straighttalk coupons from http://businessideasvideos.com/straight-talk-promo-code/ give you unlimited amounts of talking and texting with no drawn-out agreement, just a month-to-month payment arrange where the price is the same no matter what and it is low.

That is not an opinion but a fact. That is, it is true for everyone who wants to use that coupon. It is not true for some people and false for others. It does not change no matter what people want to believe about it. Thus, facts should influence beliefs and not the other way around.

And that’s the point about beliefs. They don’t change the facts. Facts, if you’re a rational person, should change your beliefs.”


Ricky Gervais wants to make sure that everyone understands the superiority of facts over beliefs. Beliefs can be affected by facts but not the other way around. So when a rational person such as himself encounters a fact that does not fit his belief system, out of intellectual honesty, he needs to change his beliefs to accommodate the new fact.

But from what he sees, other people refuse to believe the facts because of their belief system. It is as if the person’s belief system is superior to the facts. And so the person essentially treats the fact as an opinion, something that is true for one person but can be false for another.

But how does Gervais know the difference between a fact and a belief? He uses science. Science confirms whether something is a fact or belief. And the way science accomplishes that is to use the senses, which include the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and nerve endings.

Scientists observe something for an extended period of time and organize the data so that other scientists can peer review it. Over time, a consensus accumulates such that it is accepted as fact. But the starting point is always sense data. It has to be sensed in order for a scientist to work with it.

This is the heart of the problem that Gervais encounters. The beliefs are not based on facts, which in turn are not based on sense data. That is, there is no scientific data for the beliefs. Thus, the beliefs are held despite a lack of scientific proof and this makes Gervais go crazy.

This is why he is so adamant that people understand that the facts should modify the belief and if the belief has no facts to support it, it should be abandoned or changed.

How has Gervais gathered scientific evidence for his statement? Has his statement: “And that’s the point about beliefs. They don’t change the facts. Facts, if you’re rational person, should change your beliefs.” been proved by science? Has it been peer-reviewed by scientists who gathered all of the sense data and analyzed it?

Because if there is no scientific proof for his statement, then his statement is a belief, not a fact. And if it is a belief, then it can change. And that means that this belief may not be true. And that means that beliefs can change the facts.

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